XMC4500 Development Tool: DAVE™ 3 – Auto Code Generation and Free Tools

DAVE™ 3 is an Integrated Development Tool (IDE) made by Infineon, Eclipse based with code editor, debugger,loader and use free ARM-GCC C Compiler. DAVE™ has special feature Code Engine (CE), an automatic code generator, designed to support Componen Based Programming (CBP) for embedded system. Same as Code Wizard in AVR Code Vision. With CBP, maybe we no need to read every page the XM4500 reference manual (1615 pages :). But, off course, we still need to understand the basic principal of all XMC4500 features. But we no need to remember all bit or register name.


DAVE™ is a free tool from Infineon, it can be download from here. Current version is 3.1.4 Beta Realease. Just unzip download file and run DAVE-3.1.4_Master_Setup.exe. Follow installation instruction. Just click Next. 🙂


SEGGER-JLinkARM_V456 is integrated debugger with DAVE™ 3, used for program download and debugging. When in our PC have another IDE that support jLink plug in, will be an option whether to install it in IDE or not.


I already try in Keil to download program to Relax Kit. For AVR studio, need another debugger tool that support AVR.

When installation finish, if we run, DAVE™ 3 will ask to select Workspace folder, where the projects will be saved. Just go to desired folder by click Browse button. Select Use this as the default… so DAVE™ 3 will not ask again v.



To use DAVE CE features,we need to install the needed libraries for create DAVE CE application. Make sure we connected to internet. From Help menu, click Install App Library.


Will show up Library Manager Wizard.


Select Dave Project Library Manager to download program samnples or Dave Apps Library Manager to download the DAVE CE library. Just follow the next instruction. If download failed, try to change connection setting. Just click Window>Preference. From General>Network Connection. Select Active Provider>Direct.


If still fail, we can install manually. Download .

Program Samples


Enjoy it…

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